Looking for information specific to marketing your health practice?

The wellness world is full of talented, compassionate professionals and entrepreneurs who do great work helping people but don’t know how to get the word out.

The Little Book of Marketing for Health Professionals can help. It teaches you everything Jo Cooper Studio has learned about growing your business through authenticity, generosity, and earning the trust of your community. You’ll feel good about marketing this way, and it works.

When you’re done reading The Little Book, you’ll know what you need to do to market your business—and how to start doing it right away.

Jo Cooper is the maestro when it comes to translating a client’s vision into a dynamic media reality.
— Rebecca Katz, best-selling cookbook author, chef and educator
What's inside the Little Book of Marketing?

What’s inside the Little Book of Marketing?


Inside of The Little Book is everything you need to develop your business marketing plan that aligns with your desire to help others.

You’ll learn about factors like:

  • Communications: honing your idea, creating your brand and developing your website

  • Online outreach: email marketing, blogging, social media and online advertising

  • In-person outreach: word of mouth, networking and connecting with fellow professionals and referral sources

  • Your strategic plan: mapping out your best course and your marketing checklist

When you’re done reading, you’ll be ready to go. :)

This is a must read for any practitioner that is launching and growing a business. Jo does an exceptional job of providing an up-to-date comprehensive overview of marketing strategies relevant in today’s business environment, as well as the time and commitment required to generate successful outcomes. For those of us that feel overwhelmed by the plethora of traditional and digital marketing options, this is exactly what we need.
— Namrata Maguire, founder, Business Fundamentals for the Growing Enterprise
I LOVE this book!! A gold mine of information for any business owner. Having worked with Jo for several years, I am thrilled that readers will get a sense of who she really is and what she has to offer. I love the way she connects so naturally with the reader. I feel like she’s sitting right next to me. What a gift!!
— Melissa Windsor, DC, chiropractor, nutritionist and business-owner