Jo Cooper Studio - Services - Web Design and Modern Marketing

Finding your voice.

We work with talented newcomers and professionals who are at the top of their game, but haven’t found their voices in the world yet. It’s time.

Empowering Consults

Need an assist? We love working with our clients to provide clarity, strategy and analysis to improve their success in the marketplace.

Some of our offerings:

Honing Your Idea

Our most popular consult. You may have a great idea, product or service, but lack clarity and specificity about your niche and your unique value. We explore with you, and discover how you can manifest what matters most to you — the start to finding your voice and crafting a powerful brand.

Strategic marketing plan

Your website isn’t going to knock on doors. We brainstorm with you to create a road map for marketing, that provides structure for your outreach efforts via email, social media, in print, and in person — unique to you, your contacts and your skills. 



Content Creation

No time to write? We craft or edit your online content, from web pages to e-newsletters, designed to enchant your ideal audience with your unique services.

Website copy. We find our web design clients are often stumped when they try to write copy. In any event, web writing is a different language, one that we speak. We’re happy to take the writing off your plate if you give us a list or rough ideas. We’ll make the copy sing.

Email marketing rocks. Start with building a list of people who are sincerely interested in what you are doing, and you’ll have a great foundation for marketing. We can help you develop a branded look for your email newsletters, and even create and send, if you’d like this taken off your plate. Regular contact with your list = powerful marketing.

Stress-free blog posts. No time to write those pesky posts? We’ll help you stay on schedule, crafting posts to engage your audience, add fresh content to your website and feed those hungry search engines.



Web Design

We specialize in making beautiful, small websites that are easy-to-maintain. Your website is your most important tool, your calling card in the online universe. We work with Squarespace, an elegantly simple platform with modern good looks on both computers and mobile devices. And no — we are not cheap! If you are looking for something special, however, we could be the perfect fit.