What’s the first step in creating a website? Hint: it’s not creating a website.

The first step in creating a website isn’t creating a website– it’s deciding exactly, precisely, with crystal clarity, what you want to offer on that website.

And that’s where a lot of professionals hesitate. Whether launching a new idea or updating an existing business or practice, most entrepreneurs are really looking for the chance to make a living doing the work they love. So, first question: what do you love?

During a recent consult, my client remarked about one of her numerous business offerings, “I would pay to do that.”  Bingo. Now we were cooking– getting to the work that she truly loves and is uniquely gifted at. Don’t we all want to live a life of value?

That’s the starting place– finding clarity around what you will offer on your website.  And that starts with you, my dear– your beautiful, talented, gifted self. What makes your heart sing? Think on that.

Jo Cooper