Tell us about it

A client and I were talking the other day about Half the Sky, the powerful film featured this fall on PBS. Based on Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn’s book, it profiles terrible things happening to women and charismatic, courageous people working to help them in cultures across the globe. It’s colorful, impactful, inspirational– vibrating with pain and joy and hope.

My client, a psychotherapist and former dancer, told me she has been reading about the role of women / the plight of women for 25 years, and that these terrible things have been happening to women since the Stone Age. She has looked at prehistoric art and archetypes, cave paintings and sculptures and asked, where does our power as women come from? And what is the origin of our abuse?

As a dancer / psychotherapist, she has a uniquely rich perspective on this topic, and one that I’d love to learn more about. I encouraged her to write a journal article, and also a post for a major popular blog. She liked the idea, but said she would of course preface her piece by mentioning that her thoughts are no different that what has been published in the literature for 25 years.

Whoa! I said– don’t start with the negative! And don’t ever discount your own perspective. You have very special experience and fascination with this topic that guides your deeper understanding. Tell us about it. Speak up!

That’s what each of us can do, personally, professionally and globally, in what Hillary Clinton and Sheryl Wudunn are saying is the great moral challenge before us: changing the condition of women in the world. It’s time to find our voices.

And that is what I love helping people do.

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Jo Cooper