Make Space

I work with both newbies and mature professionals, and there’s one common denominator: we’re all extraordinarily busy.

And we’re not sure we like it. There is the sense that life is finite, and there’s tension around filling our days with tasks we didn’t ask for and stuff we don’t need. I’ve had 6 spontaneous conversations in the past week about this, with people from very different circles in my life, from my kids, to my clients, to my friends. It’s kind of like climate change; we all know we don’t like it, but we’re waiting for someone to fix it, maybe.

Here’s a thought: amidst all the busyness, take a few mindful moments and edit that task list down to gotta or wanta. Gotta pay those bills, write that proposal, visit the dentist; wanta spend time with my kids, take that nature walk or finish that good book. All the rote, optional stuff inbetween– do you really need it? Do you really want it? You could just delete it, and choose to make space for the life and business you truly desire. These are precious moments.

Jo Cooper