Find your work-life groove

A sentence in a magazine ad popped out at me recently: Find your work-life groove.

I like that.

The concept of work-life balance, featured in numerous new year/new you posts, just doesn’t seem attainable to me. Is it just my life that’s wildly variable? Or just life?

What seems do-able to me is finding my groove, my way of living my life to its fullest, both personally and professionally. My way might not be your way, but either way I think it needs to be a life that nourishes. If you love music, take time to immerse yourself in it. I love nature, and my eyes drink in the surrounding trees, water and sky, storing them in my soul as a source for everything I do. I’ve learned to savor life. When my sons are home, I cherish the moments. When no one’s home I prepare a nice meal and sit at our kitchen table, peacefully enjoying every bite. I’m at meditation class at 7:30 am twice a week, with a steady practice in between. And as to work? Starting my own company and going full time after only one year doing something I love with my awesome colleagues and clients is bliss.  And it feels a lot like a mighty fine work-life groove…

Jo Cooper