Being you

Here’s an incredibly cool key to success in business for an entrepreneur: be you.

I just completed a powerful 8-week course in modern marketing taught by Madame Awesome herself, Marie Forleo ( It did at first, as she said, feel a little like drinking out of a fire hose. Every presentation slide in every module in the course was jam-packed with bona-fide gold dust– the gleanings of her decade of experiences and her current view from the pinnacle of the online entrepreneurial field.  Too much to take in all at once, albeit incredible.

Now all her teachings are starting to seep down and water the roots. One that sticks with me is this notion of being you.  Not being Marie, as many of her fans would like to be, or being anyone else– but being you.  She presents a very convincing argument that yes, there is room for another nutrition counselor in the world, because there’s none other exactly like you. And the more you stick to who you are in all you say and do– incorporating your personality in your branding, your choice of colors and design, your wording, what you care about– the more unique you become. Not just another. The one and only. You.

Jo Cooper