A little intro to Twitter

Still think Twitter is about telling your friends boring details about your life? Think again. It’s a conduit for the fastest communication in the world, from international events and emergencies to the innovative, inspiring and inane. It’s up to you to choose. Follow a well-constructed list and you can quickly and conveniently check in with the smartest minds and publications in your professional landscape. Keep up with the latest science, emerging trends, controversies, stories and cartoons. Your own personal newsfeed. Scroll through it in mere minutes a day; read, retweet, move on.

And what about actual tweeting? The key is to speak in your own voice. Don’t try to be authentic — be authentic. Then your tweets will attract people you want to connect with. After all, this is “social media” — it’s about connecting with people across town, across the country, across the world. Create original content and re-tweet items of interest. Pretty soon people will appreciate your reliable expertise, your originality, your special brand of humor or heart.

And it’s not for everyone. Some people have just the right clever turn of mind to tweet with ease and even glory. I’m not one who thinks every entrepreneur has to do every social media platform. I think you should find the right one(s) for you, do it well, and do it consistently. Not doing it doesn’t look so good. Find what works for you, and go ahead, excel.

Jo Cooper