If you’ve spent any time learning about marketing, you’ve probably heard the saying: content is king.

But what is content, and why does it matter to you and your business? The answer is both big and simple. Content is everything that you read or watch on the internet.

This includes Netflix, the New York Times and the New England Journal of Medicine. However, content also means blog posts, Facebook ads, Tweets and email newsletters. These latter examples are the kind of content any business needs to develop a robust online presence—to get potential clients, patients or customers to sit up and take notice.

We specialize in the kind of mindful content that helps your business stand out for the right reasons.

Our content strategy begins with a question: what do your clients or customers need to know in order to reduce their suffering and live happier, healthier lives? We base everything we write for you around that question, aiming to channel your voice in clear, authentic prose.

Our content creation services include:

  • Blog and article writing

  • Content for large-scale websites

  • Email newsletters

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Email marketing

  • Email list opt-in magnets

  • Press releases

  • Video scriptwriting

Pricing depends on the project. 

We offer retainer and as-needed content creation, both as a stand-alone and in combination with our web design service. We also frequently collaborate with outside web design agencies to create content for larger-scale websites and organizations. As our principals are subject-matter experts in health and wellness, we feel that we offer particular value in that area.


Recently I accomplished the very difficult task of creating a new brand and website. I am very happy with the results but I couldn’t have done it without the copywriting provided by Jo Cooper and her team. Jo spent an extensive amount of time with me learning about what I do and then verbalized my thoughts and ideas better than I ever could. I am very pleased with their professionalism and kindness and would recommend their services with confidence to others.
— Natasha Thomas, MD