In business, success comes from authenticity, clarity, and focus. We can help you get there.

Our unique Honing Your Idea consult helps you focus your business in the right direction. We work with you to define what aspect of your work you’re most passionate about, and put you on the path to building around that. Your customers (and you!) will feel the excitement.

Our Honing Your Idea Consult helps you:

  • Focus and refine your niche.

  • Develop your brand.

  • Discover the powerful inspiration in your own business vision.

  • Achieve clarity and specificity about your unique value proposition.

  • Create an online voice that will speak directly to the clients you want to attract.

  • Manifest what matters most to you.

The price is $500.

Our creative director Jo Cooper offers this pivotal, one-hour consult to our clients who are ready to launch or advance their business.

The result? A clear path towards the business you really want. Our clients often comment how thrilled they are with the process. Many have never actually had the opportunity to go so deep into their business vision.

Doing so offers you an opportunity to refresh and reframe how you feel about your work—so you can better share it with the world.