In business, success comes from authenticity, clarity, and focus. We can help you get there.

Our unique Honing Your Idea consult helps you focus your business in the right direction. We work with you to define what aspect of your work you’re most passionate about and put you on the path to building around that. Your customers (and you!) will feel the excitement.

Are you ready to advance your business?

Our Honing Your Idea consult might be just the thing you need before building your website and developing or updating your brand. In order to engage new patients and clients, you'll need to be crystal clear about your offering—something we'll arrive at in this one-hour deep dive.

Our Honing Your Idea Consult helps:

  • Focus and refine your niche.

  • Craft a unique foundation for your brand, website, and online copy.

  • Discover the powerful inspiration in your own business vision.

  • Achieve clarity and specificity about your unique value proposition.

  • Create an online voice that will speak directly to the clients you want to attract.

  • Manifest what matters most to you.

Jo Cooper - Honing Your Idea Consult

Explore your potential with an expert in the field

Our creative director Jo Cooper has worked successfully with marketing for 30 years, half of that with clients in integrative health, nutrition, and medicine. She provides a pivotal, one-hour consult to our clients who are ready to launch or advance their businesses.

She’ll guide you in a conversation exploring your unique gifts, what you are most skilled at and truly passionate about, and what clients you’d love to see walking through your door. She listens carefully for what makes you uniquely you—the start to creating an authentic online voice for your brand, that will resonate with the people who are searching for you.

The result? A clear path towards the business you really want.

Our unique Honing Your Idea consult helps you focus your business in the right direction

What our clients say about this unique consult

Our clients often comment on how thrilled and motivated they are after the call. Many have never actually had the opportunity to go so deep into their business vision with a subject-matter expert in their field.

Doing so offers you an opportunity to refresh and reframe how you feel about your work—so you can share it more successfully with the world.  

This consult becomes the foundation for a powerful online brand—with a voice, passion, and energy that are authentically you.

As our strategic partner, SEO expert Allen Garcia, says, “In marketing today, we want to be compelled to learn something more about you. We’re not interested in canned messages. We respond to transparency, originality, quality, and authenticity.”

There is something special about how Jo captures who you are, how you practice, your values and hopes for clients then translates all of this into a straight-forward powerful online voice.
— Susan Moore, MS, RD

Is a Honing Your Idea consult the right next step for your business?