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We help you shine.

Our main thing: we like working with people doing good in the world who are really passionate about what they do. We are, too :)


Jo Cooper
Creative Director

My good friend, colleague and client Rebecca Katz says I am an “empresaria”– creator, producer, coach and magician.

I may be a bit unusual, in that I LOVE marketing. But I’ve always defined it as sharing authentically, which is a joy. I assist our clients in finding their unique brand and way of presenting their offerings to the world, incorporating my experience from over 30 years of marketing, including my own two successful businesses and 10 years as Marketing Director at The Center for Mind-Body Medicine. There is a bit of magic in marketing, too, and it’s marvelous to find the magic for each of our clients.  

We especially want to work with talented newcomers and professionals who are at the top of their game, but haven’t found their voices in the world yet. It’s time.

My latest endeavor: The Little Book of Marketing for Health Professionals. Be sure to take a look!


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“My website is fresh, vibrant and utterly easy to meander through. I wanted something striking but minimal, to throw out ego and emphasize the art. Jo and her team did just that, and it is dazzling."
 Susan Hardy


Anh Nguyen
Strategic Director & Web Designer

Our secret to success, as all of our clients will tell you. “Brilliant”, “kind”, “patient”, “curious” and “wildly clever” are several descriptors that come to mind. A graduate of Vassar College, Anh has decades of experience with web design and front-end web development, plus social media expertise. Oh, and he speaks Portuguese. This guy is both seriously cool and talented. Together, we love creating great sites for terrific clients.



Ian Cooper
Writer, Editor & Email Marketing Chief

It’s an unbelievable joy to work with my oldest son! Especially because he’s talented, perceptive, compassionate, quick, and serene. #gratitude



Meghan Brown
Social Media Maven

Meghan is a brilliant and creative writer and storyteller. We’re thrilled to have her sharing those talents with our clients as our social media expert. #marvelous